Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ira Breite's Sirius Radio Show: May 12, 2008

How can you not listen to a show that deals with the pain of tattooing and the agony of da feet? Or tells you more about our little friend at the left than you ever wanted to know (but need to!!) You can't! In case you didn't catch the show this is a brief overview of what you missed.

The Agony of Da Feet: Although I am not overly excited by the forthcoming "Sex and The City Movie," it appears every woman I know is gearing up as if they were actually going to have Cosmo's with Sarah Jessica Parker and the other ladies. But what about those shoes? Well, after talking to Dr. Michael Pliskin, the Chief of Podiatry at North Shore/LIJ, I learned a bit about those 5" Manolos, and I am happy that I look great (at least I think so) in work boots.

For those of you who think video games are nothing but a huge waste of time and energy, I had the voice of the oppositon on the line today. Ben Sawyer, the Co-Director of the Games For Health Conference spoke to me and told me about some of the exciting developments in video games to promote health. There is a lot going on in terms of exercise training, rehabiliation, training games for health professionals, and large insurance companies are coming on board. I hope to be covering some of these games in more detail on future shows.

After the break, we got funky. Tattoo funky, that is. I talked about how to get them on, and what types of things to avoid when getting inked (or pierced). There is a little handout from the FDA you can look at if you are interested. Remember, MRI's are considered safe for tattooed individuals.

If you don't like your tattoo, its possible to get it removed, although expensive, time consuming, and a bit painful. I spoke with Tina Alster, MD, the Director of the Washington Institute of
Dermatologic Laser Surgery, a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Georgetown University Medical Center and the author of, “Skin Savvy: The Essential Guide to Cosmetic Laser Surgery”. She also spoke about a new anesthetic product that can be used when getting laser procedures and botox. Interesting.

Finally, it was time for the bed bugs. The NY POST had a recent article on bed bugs in the subways last week, and how could we resist following up on this topic that even I find gross. I spoke with Philip Tierno, Ph.D., the Director of Clinical Microbiology at NYU-Langone and an Associate Professor in the Departments of Microbiology and Pathology at the NYU School of Medicine. He’s also the author of "The Secret Life of Germs." I also spoke with Mr. Carl Massicott, the owner of Advanced K9 Detectives, a company that uses specially trained dogs to find the little buggers. After hearing from my experts, I may never sleep again...

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