Monday, June 2, 2008

Ira Breite's Sirius Doctor Radio Show, Monday June 2, 2008

Today was an extremely exciting day in Doctor Radio land: we officially launched! My Intro was done by none other than Cousin Brucie! which I think is just about the best thing ever. I met him when I was at Sirius Studios, but I am amazed that he is doing our intros. Media is cool!

This was also my first show in our new studio in the NYU-Langone Medical Center Lobby. I'm no expert on radio technology, but its a pretty space with apparently every bell and whistle you could want. Just like The Today Show, there is a glass partition where you can see everyone and they can see you. The only hard part was to stop waving at people I know and keep talking!

As befits the first show in a new studio, this one was, in my humble opinion, great. Interesting topics, great guests, and a plethora of calls made this an interesting and educational show.

We started off by talking about supplements and vitamins. Many doctors (including myself) do not know enough about this topic, which is a pity, because up to half of all Americans use them. Steven Lamm, MD, a physician here at NYU-Langone and the author of "The Hardness Factor," a book about men's sexual health, joined me on the line. We talked a little bit about a recent article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by Vicki Brower stating that, in cancer patients, many supplements may do more harm than good. Dr. Lamm pointed out that poor communication between doctors and patients may have a lot to do with the use or misuse of many supplements. We then answered many calls from our listeners asking specific questions about supplements.

Onto osteoporosis. But not in women. Yes, men get this disease as well, and there are new guidelines for what to do about them published by the American College of Physicians. We talked about them with Dr. Steven Honig, Director, The Osteoporosis Center Department of Rheumatology and Medicine, Hospital for Joint Diseases. As men live longer, this is becoming a more important issue (6% of men greater than 65 have osteoporosis) and prevention is key before a fracture occurs.

After the break, we shifted gears. To bloggers (gotta love those bloggers). I had seen a piece on Gawker a while back which pointed to a NY Times article noting that two bloggers had heart attacks and died (I can't be as snarky as our friends at Gawker, and its worth reading their post). And while most of us aren't professional bloggers, many of us do work at jobs with lousy desks, poorly placed computers, mice that should be called "rats" and improperly adjusted chairs. I spoke with Ms. Angela Lis, physical therapist and Assistant Director the NYU Occupational and Industrial Center about making your workplace less likely to give you a repetitive strain injury. We started off by seeing how I was doint in the new studio, and other than the heights of the monitors (which, to be honest with you, are adjustable) we did pretty well! There were some great listener calls as well.

Finally a bit on gastric bugs to end our morning. I talked with Dr.Marya Zilberberg, M.D., Epidemiologist at University of Massachusetts School of Public Health and Health Sciences in Amherst, Mass – She’s a researcher & lead author of a study appearing in the June Issue of the CDC’s publication, “Emerging Infectious Diseases" about the rise of c difficile, the leading cause of fatal diarrhea, in hospitals. Scary stuff, but it was important to hear about. The take home message if you visit anyone in the hospital is wash your hands with soap and water! Then I talked a bit about new treatments for H. pylori, the ulcer causing bacteria.

Remember, you can email me (see link on the top of the page) if there are any topics you want to hear about. I want to hear about any questions that you wanted to ask your doctor, but, for whatever reason couldn't.

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