Monday, August 18, 2008

Doctor Ira Breite's Sirius Radio Show For August 18th, 2008

Great show today! We had two guests, Stuart Weiss, MD, endocrinologist extraordinaire for NYU-Langone Medical center talked about the latest studies on diabetes. Bottom line is to lose weight quickly if you get diagnosed as it really may help your prognosis. We also had Michael Sentzen, MD on the telephone. Dr. Setzen is an otolaryngologist and
an expert on sinus surgery. We answered many listener questions and Dr. Setzen talked about an interesting new technology called balloon sinuplasty. Cool stuff.

We did an hour of "Ask Dr. Ira" today. I think I took around 12 calls or so. Only the nice folks at Sirius know for sure, but it was a great call in segment.

I will be back after Labor Day. Time for a vacation!

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