Saturday, February 27, 2010

A History of Dysentary May Lead To GERD or Dyspepsia Symptoms Later

For years, we have known that an episode of dysentery may lead to Irritable Bowel Symptoms later on. Now, a study out of Canada shows that the prevalence of dyspepsia symptoms, which include many of the things we associate with "upper" GI symptoms,increased after an outbreak of dysentery. Although the study just shows a relationship between the two, when combined with recent work that shows that there is a "mircobiome" in the esophagus that may change in diseased states, it brings up a whole new line of potential treatments for irritable bowel syndrome and "dyspepsia" syndromes that do not respond well to antacids or other standard treatments!

If you have been bothered by dyspepsia symptoms and have not achieved adequate relief, it may be time to have "another look" to see if there are new treatments available.

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