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Monday, March 15, 2010 on the Doctor Ira Breite Show on Sirius 114 and XM 119: Doctor Radio!

Hello everybody. I am writing this is in the bowels of Staten Island, where, despite flooding, raining, and pretty much everything wet except a guy with a beard, a boat and lots of animals, one of my kids is playing in a hockey tournament.

Speaking of bowels, we are going to start the show by talking about non-medical treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. Jeffrey Lackner, Psy.D, the Director of The Behavioral Medicine Clinic at the Erie County Medical Center, an assistant Professor of Gastroenterology at SUNY Buffalo, and the author of the book "Controlling IBS the Drug Free Way,” will be joining me to talk about his research in treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome using non-medical therapy. I am very excited to have him on to talk about this.

If you have any questions at all about your IBS: particuarly trying to use non pharmaceutical means to treat it, give us a call at 1-877-NYU-DOCS!

Bedbugs! Ugggg. And all over. Learn about bedbugs, spiders and other insects that invade your home; and you. Join me and Dr. Louis Sorkin of the American Museum of Natural History as we talk about problems with our six and eight legged neighbors.

If you have a problem with home infestation attacking YOU, give us a call at 1-877-NYU-DOCS

Many of you have been wondering about the wrist splint that I've been wearing the past few months. Others have wondered about why their own spouses decided, at the age of 45, to try to learn to snowboard, only to blow out their ACL's. Some people just hurt themselves shoveling snow. Regardless of cause, middle age brings with it a panoply of orthopedic injuries. Join me and Dr. Vonda Wright, orthopedic surgeon and the author of Fitness After Forty, as we talk about injury prevention and staying in shape while rehabbing.

If you have had an orthopedic injury have questions about getting back to yourself, call us at 1-877-NYU-DOCS!

Of course, we will end the show with Ask Dr. Ira, where you can ask me any question on any medical topic at me at 1-877-NYU-DOCS!

You can also email questions of show ideas to Just make sure my name, IRA, is somewhere in there!

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