Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am back from Argentina this morning and raring to go for tomorrow's show. Not necessarily a medical fact, but sort of true: a 10 hour flight with a one hour time zone change leads to little or no jet lag. So here we go!

First GERD: Did you know that tourists in Argentina seem to subsist on a diet of 1) grilled cheese, 2) pizza, 3) steak, 4) dessert featuring flan, chocolate and dulce de leche? Well, at least we did. Join me and Dr. David Johnson, MD, a professor of medicine and Chief of Gastroenterology at the Eastern University School of Medicine in Norfolk, VA as we discuss the latest in GERD, ranging from new warnings about magnesium and hip fracture to news of Regis Philbin.

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Adding to my hour of jet lag is a change in the time for Ask Dr. Ira...I will be answering any questions on any medical topic at all at the 8:30 EDT hour tomorrow.

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Our friend, registered dietician Keri Gans, has just written a new book called "The Small Change Diet." Join her as we talk about her book, and how it can help you. I will find out if there are any small changes that can help me after my Argentinian trip!

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