Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monday, April 11th on the Doctor Ira Breite Show on Sirius 114 and XM 119: Doctor Radio!

I am writing this on Sunday morning while drinking coffee. I really like coffee. Even after I had surgery, the first thing I wanted in the haze of post op was a cup of coffee (which they gave me, although it was watered down so I wouldn't burn myself). So I am extremely excited that Dr. Jack James, the editor of the new Journal of Caffeine Research will be joining us on the phone from the National University of Ireland in Galway.

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For many people, even the thought of caffeine leads to thoughts of reflux: so after our segment on caffeine Dr. Jamie Koufman, the author of "Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook and Cure," will be joining us in the studio to talk to us about the growing problems of esophageal reflux in the United States. We'll talk about her extensive research on the subject, as well as going over some new, and odd facts. Such as "freeze dried strawberries may help reduce the risk of esophageal cancer." Really.

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Hepatitis C is a common problem, and, because of its association with drug use, a problem people don't like to talk about. Treatment exists, but it is difficult and not completely effective. But hope is on the way. Join me and hepatologist Dr. Melissa Palmer as we talk about what's going on in the world of hep C.

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