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Monday, April 29th, 2013 on the Doctor Ira Breite Show on SiriusXM 81: Doctor Radio

Spring? Allergies.  And so it goes.  But its not just pollen.  And its not just sneezing.  Oral and food allergies are on the rise.  Julie Wang, MD of the Jaffee Food Allergy Institute at Mount Sinai will be joining us to talk about oral allergies and the rise in food allergies!  We will talk about what the symptoms are, what testing can be done, and what you can do to treat it!

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After that, we'll have Gastroenterology Update, where I will answer your questions on any gastroenterology related topic.  Liver, pancreas, heartburn and even the gallbladder....give us call! or tweet me at @doctorira.

General Surgery!  No, its not a rank, it a specialty.  And it encompasses both common procedures such as colon cancer and gallbladder removal as well as antireflux surgery, solid organ removal and achalasia (acha what??? find out!) .  Join me and Mount Sinai Surgeon Dr. Edward Chin as we talk about all kinds of minimally invasive abdominal procedures.

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We will end the show, as always, with Ask Doctor Ira, where you can ask me any question on any medical topic...anything you forgot to ask your doctor, ask me!  Give me a call at 1-877-NYU-DOCS.

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