Sunday, May 13, 2018

Monday, May 14th on the Doctor Ira Breite Show on SiriusXM 110: Doctor Radio!

Happy Mother's day to everyone!  Before the festivities, I'm getting ready for a really interesting show tomorrow on Doctor Radio. Starting with Saladin and what killed him!  OK, if you, like me, need to brush up a little on medieval and near eastern history, don't worry: we will do that to. Join me as I speak with Dr. Philip Mackowiak of the University of Maryland school of medicine as we talk about what killed the first sultan of Egypt and Syria.

After that, it will be time for Gastroenterology Update, where I will tell you the latest in greatest in the world of digestive disease and answer your questions at 1-877-NYU-DOCS! (or a tweet of course)

I've been thinking of a thousand punny jokes to describe rhythm, but the better part of valor is just to say we going to be talking about heart rhythm and arrhythmias with Dr. Kevin Campbell as we talk the latest from the Heart Rhythm Societies annual meeting. 

Just rewatched Thor Ragnorock today.  There was a cameo appearance by Dr. Stephen Strange.  I never really thought about it, but there really are a lot of doctors in the comics.  Join me and Bob Breetall, the holder of the Guiness Book Records for number of comics books owned as we talk Doctors in the comics!

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