Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Hello: I am writing this on my way back from London, where we had a great time. Missing Thanksgiving in the US was a bit weird, but we did have a large Thanksgiving dinner in the UK, complete with cranberries!

One thing I noticed about the UK seems to be an overwhelming variety of food containing fried, crusty dough. Which got me thinking about cholesterol, which led us to book our first guest, Dr. James Underberg, a clinical assistant professor at the NYU School of Medicine and a specialist in preventative cardiology. He is also the director of the Bellevue Hospital Lipid Clinic. We will be talking about a variety of cholesterol topics, including recent stories you may have heard in the news about Zetia.

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Continuing on our travel theme, I am somewhere over the Atlantic as I write this. I never fully adjusted to British time, but still feel exhausted. And no, I didn’t take an Ambien. Sleep Expert Dr. Joyce Walsleben will join me to talk about jet lag, sleep deprivation, and other holiday joy.

If you have any questions about jet lag, insomnia, or tips to help through them, give us a call at 1-877-NYU-DOCS

One way not to overindulge on Thanksgiving is to spend it in a foreign country!! But for most of us, this is not an option. And realistically, I am now home for the rest of holidays as well. Keri Gans, registered dietician and spokeperson for the ADA will be joining me to talk about several import eating tips for the holidays, including storing and eating left overs safely and some smart substitution tips. And don’t worry that she’s a dietician: if I don’t think it will work in the cooking I’ll let her know!

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Of course, we’ll end the show with Ask Dr. Ira, where I will answer your calls on any medical topic at all: just give me a buzz at 1-877-NYU-DOCS.

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