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Monday, May 23, 2011 on the Doctor Ira Breite Show on SiriusXM 81: Doctor Radio

We have a show that is historical and timely planned for this Monday. Our first hour is timely: new discoveries for a rare disease and new discoveries in digestive diseases. Our second hour is historical as we try to unravel some medical mysteries.

Hereditary angioedema. This rare genetic disease has historically had a fatality rate approaching 30%. People with the disease can literally choke themselves to death. And traditional therapies for throat swelling, such as antihistamines, just won't work. Join me and Dr. Donald McNeil, an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Ohio State University and in private practice at Midwest Allergy Associates, as we discuss this interesting medical problem. We will also be joined by a person who is suffering from the disease. Dr. McNeil is also the founder of Optimed Research.

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The scientist and explorer Charles Darwin lived until he was seventy one years old. For many years, he suffered from recurring bouts of severe abdominal pain. Although many people have speculated on the cause of his death. Dr. Sidney Cohen, Gastroenterology Professor at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia thinks he may have the answers...find out!

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We are going to keep working backwards, history-wise! If you think the 19th Century was a long time ago, what about ancient Egypt? More importantly, in those non-polluting, non-smoking, not much red disease days, was there any heart disease. Dr. Gregory Thomas, MD, MPH, FACC knows the answer. In addition to his practice at Mission Internal Medicine Group in California, he has been studying mummies housed at the National Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, Egypt to see if they have heart disease. Do they? Listen and find out!

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