Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monday May 9th on the Doctor Ira Breite Show on SiriusXM 81

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Salt. Not just a bad movie, but something that Americans, including me, love. A recent study showed that salt may not affect blood pressure as much as previously thought. Should we break out the shakers? According to NYU hypertension expert Dr. Henry Black, the answer is no. Find out what he has to say, and call in with your own questions on hypertension, medication and diet.

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At 8:30 Eastern Time we are going to have our "Gastroenterology Update" segment, which is proving to be extremely popular! Topics tomorrow include everything from beer and the risk for gastric cancer, the need to perform a biopsy before starting a gluten free diet, and new news on colonoscopy preps! Call us with your GI questions during the show at 1-877-NYU-DOCS or...

Email me at or tweet me at @doctorira with any studies or news articles you have seen and we'll try to discuss them. (before airtime would help :) ).

Continuing on the GI and allergy theme, we are going to start our second hour talking about eosinophillic esophagitis and other eosinophil disorders. Join me and University of California at San Diego Allergist Dr. Seema Aceves as we talk about eosinophillic esophagitis in children: everything from what it is, how it is diagnosed and what you can do about it!

Calls us with your digestive allergy and eosinophilia questions at 1-877-NYU-DOCS!

We are going to end the show with Ask Doctor Ira, where you can ask me any medical questions at all and I will be happy to answer them. Anything that you forgot to ask your own doctor ask me at 1-877-NYU-DOCS!

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