Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monday, November 4th on the Doctor Ira Breite Show on SiriusXM 81: Doctor Radio

I had a great time doing "Weekend Housecalls" Saturday:  I would like to thank my producer Melanie Kron, Dr. Marc Siegel and everyone who called in and helped make it such a great show. 

But onto the future.  And the future is scary.  Or at least the horror movies coming out are. Why do we like them?  Join me and English Professor Paul Patterson of St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia as we talk about how horror helps us face our fears.  Dr. Patterson is teaching a graduate course on the subject and I'm still getting flashbacks from "The Shining.

Join us by calling in with your favorite horror movie moments at 1-877-NYU-DOCS!

After this we are going to have Gastroenterology Update, where I will tell you some of the latest and greatest news in the world of digestive disease, and answer your tweets and calls at 1-877-NYU-DOCS. 

We're going to continue the digestive disease conversation after this.  We all talk about the H. pylori bacteria, but, in fact, despite all the guidelines we physicians have, there has been a poor sense of whether treating people without ulcers is really a good idea.  Join me as I talk with one of the world's leading experts on this bacteria and we try to get to the bottom of "To treat or not to treat (that is the question).

We will end the show with Ask Doctor Ira, where you can ask me any question on any medical topic at all: it does not matter what it is.  Anything you forgot to ask your doctor, ask me!  Give us a call at 1-877-NYU-DOCS!

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