Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dr. Ira Breite's Sirius Radio Show: April 7, 2008

We had a great show on Monday April 7th. Informally called the "below the belt" show, we spent a lot of time talking to experts in kidney and bladder disease, and finished off the show with a great interview of a sex therapist.

The first guest was Dr. Victor Nitti, the Vice-Chairman of Urology at NYU Medical Center. Victor and I first talked about everything you ever wanted to know about urinary tract infections. Victor is an expert on female urinary incontinence, and we spent the next segment talking about how to diagnose and treat this embarrassing condition. In addition to standard therapies, I learned that some physicians are starting to give Botox to treat this condition!

After Dr. Nitti left, we switched gears a little bit, but not much. Many patients suffer from interstital cystitis or the painful bladder syndrome (for more information, you can click here to see an excellent patient review from the web site "Up to Date." Treatments are difficult and not always effective. Several people called us to tell us about their own difficulty getting treatment. Joining me by phone to discuss this problem was Dr. Willam Garner, who is developing a new drug for painful bladder syndrome called URG 101 (pronounced urge). This drug recently had a very successful phase II trial and is now headed into phase III trials!

I admit it. I don't read the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. But I did hear about a great editorial in that journal debunking what we know and don't know about water consumption. Joining me on the phone was one of the authors of that editorial: Stanley Goldfarb, MD. Dr. Goldfarb explained that many of the common "facts" about water, such as drinking 8 glasses a day to help your skin complexion, may be of no help at all.

Finally, we switched from the kidneys and bladder all the way down to the sex organs. We discussed some of the latest sex studies; one of which stated how long intercourse should last and the other which stated (yet again) that men can't tell friendly woman from woman who are sexually interested, with Dr. Ian Kerner, a bestselling author and sex therapist. Pretty good stuff! And some of it is not repeatable in a family blog. You have to love satellite.

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