Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dr. Ira Breite's Sirius Radio Show: April 14th, 2008

Monday was my birthday, and my producer, Melanie, and I put together a show that revolved around this fact. I am now a 42 year old man, and I decided I needed a health makeover! So make me over my guests did.

I started off by talking about motorcycle and car safety. I tool around Manhattan on a Vespa, and as physician I know just how stupid this can be. I decided that the entire radio audience needed to be educated not to hit me, or my fellow riders, and talked with Dr. William Van Tassel of the AAA.

Then I needed a physical. I know what I need, but a doctor who treats himself has a fool for a doctor (most of the time). So I asked Dr. Robert Tan, an expert on andropause, which is a nice doctorly way of saying "you're getting older." We talked about some of the tests I needed (bottom line is blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol as the most important; prostate, skin examination and general physical less so; I'm not ready for that colonoscopy with my family history).

But lets be honest. Once you get through trying to stay alive you want to look good. So I took this show as an opportunity to see some what physical enhancements (not that one) were available to me.

First we talked about where I have to much hair. As is public knowledge to anyone who has been to the beach with me, I have a hairy back. My skin is good, but many of my colleagues are beginning to wrinkle up. So I had on a Beverly Hills Dermatologist and a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon to make sure I could get my outer self looking great! I was joined in studio by Dr. Stephen Greenberg and on the phone from Beverly Hills with Dr. Susan Evans. I learned a few things: laser hair removal would take me 5 or 6 sessions for the hair on my back, and would be painless. Given that I have a rug there, I'm not sure I believe it, but its what they said. I also found about more about botox and a little bit about fillers.

After the break, it was time to shift from the mop of hair on my body to the lack of hair on my head. I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Robert Fleming (also in California by phone) about hair restoration. In my office, male pattern baldness is a common topic of conversation and I wanted to learn more. Dr. Fleming was an excellent guest, and explained the many options for hair restoration available, including a technique he helped perfect: The Fleming/Mayer flap.

Finally, it was time to get toned. Marcel Daniels, MD or Image MD, in Long Beach, California told me about my shaping options. Unfortunately, he told me I should lose some weight first. Well, not on my birthday, but my post birthday diet has already begun!

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