Saturday, April 19, 2008

What Sirius Station Do You Want To Hear in the Waiting Room?

One of the great joys of Sirius Radio is the many stations that it offers. And that has led to a dilemma in my office: what to listen to? Although everyone has to listen to me (natch), all of us like music in the background when we work and for the patients in the waiting room. We also put have Sirius playing when people are "on hold." We have it down to a few choices at the moment, but things are always changing. These are:

1) Sirius Hits 1
2) The Spectrum
3) The Coffee House
4) Symphony Hall (OK, my partner likes that, but we really don't play it much)
5) Outlaw Country (my favorite, but I have been outvoted by all the city folk)

Please email us at and let me know what you want to hear while waiting for the doctor.

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