Sunday, March 29, 2015

Monday, March 30th on the Internal Medicine Show with Doctor Ira Breite on SiriusXM 81: Doctor Radio!

Monday's show could pretty much be called the "Sum of All Fears...:" at least my fears.  Starting with sudden death in young athletes.  Now, while I'm not young, I do have young, athletic children.  And although I know its rare, it does sort of freak me out a bit when I hear about some kid in high school or college collapsing on the field.  Join me and Dr. Kevin Campbell as we talk about this rare, but scary issue.

Then onto flying.  Now, I fly a decent amount, but the whole process is something I could live without.  From getting to the plane anxiety, to getting through security anxiety, to did they give my seat away anxiety, to what if all that physics stuff is wrong anxiety, to did they lose my luggage anxiety (well this one is usually true), I find flying an anxiety provoking experience.  Join me and Dr. Reid Wilson, PhD of the University of North Carolina as we talk about fear of flying.

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Next anxiety: cancer.  We always talk about alcohol and heart health.  But what about cancer? Join me and Dr. Mitchell Gaynor as we talk about how much alcohol it takes to turn you from pleasantly toasted to cancer victim.  Is red wine better?  How about quitting?

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