Monday, October 27, 2008

Guest Appearance on the Oncology Show

I will be on the Oncology Show (Sirius 114-Doctor Radio) from 12 to 1 PM EDT this Wednesday, October 29, 2008 talking about colon cancer prevention. We'll be talking about colonoscopy, virtual colonoscopy and even the new DNA test. If you are listening in the afternoon, give us a call at 1-877-NYU-DOCS and ask any question you want on colon cancer prevention!


Laura McCullough said...

really enjoyed your show the other day. you and your guests are so informative. will there be a rebroadcast rescheduled sometime after 10/31? I was especially interested in info re IBS and celiac treatment. if no replaying is scheduled, can you provide a good medical link to this information?
keep up the good work. i seem to spend more time in my car these days listening to DR RADIO. I often don't leave the driveway!
thanks, Laura

Ira.B said...

Thanks! Remember, you can always call me with any questions Monday 9 to 10 EST and, if you can't, email them or leave em here ( or